Golden Opportunity for the Golden State

On July 27, CA State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom held a press conference at local biotech firm Amgen to launch a new state effort called “Gold Team California,” intended to bring new businesses and jobs to California.  The initiative will begin in our backyard, targeting Ventura County as a perfect place for growth. With a highly trained workforce, established biotech, defense and aviation industries, an amazing climate, outstanding Universities and great quality of life, this is a wonderful place to do business.

Unfortunately, over the past decade or more, CA has established itself as one of the least business friendly states, but our legislators want to change this.  Many other states, like Utah, Arizona and Texas, have active efforts to lure businesses from California.  For example, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas sends a box filled with Texas products and a prepaid cell phone with one number:  his.  Companies are told to give him a call when they’re ready to move (personally, a cell phone, a cowboy hat, hot links and a tax break would not be nearly enough to entice me, but that’s another story).

The Gold Team will match our local resources to businesses outside California.  In a press release, Gorell said, “The Ventura County region remains a great place to do business.  It’s time to turn the tables.  It’s time to jump into the national fight for jobs and try to bring them back to my community. “  Gorrell, Newsom and others will reach out to and meet with corporate CEOs to show them that we have the local resources and the commitment of legislators that make California a great place to do business.   “California is a great place to grow the businesses of tomorrow,” said Newsom.

I think Newsom and Gorell are a powerhouse team:  bipartisan, personable, and committed to doing the outreach to get the job done.  Working with locals on the ground, including commercial realtors, economic development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, City and County government and businesses, the Gold Team has the foundation to be successful.

Time will tell.  As a board member of the Camarillo Chamber and someone committed to economic development in the region, I am extremely excited that this is happening now.  I enjoyed hearing both men speak at the press conference and, as a member of the Chamber’s Economic Development Committee, will look forward to being involved and seeing the progress of the initiative.

I was also honored to speak to Lt. Gov. Newsom about his positive approach to change, as well as the fantastic work his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom is doing with her non-profit,  They are truly a power couple.

To learn more, watch this brief video introducing Gold Team California:  

and visit

What impact do you think the Gold Team will have on drawing business to the region?  What suggestions do you have to improve its chances of success?

Gloria M. Miele, Ph.D. is a Business Development and Leadership Coach and Victory Circles facilitator in Ventura County.  She is passionate about helping others discover and develop their strengths to achieve greater business success through coaching programs, workshops, staff training, executive coaching and keynote speaking.  Visit her website at to sign up to receive helpful business development resources, including a free Business Plan Template. You can also connect with us at


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